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Innovative ideas can come from anywhere, from any mind, from any person. The greatest assets an agency has are its effervescent minds. Bearing this in mind, Agencia3 has created a division focused on innovative projects. Using an innovative methodology, Hackerspace3 is a novel partnership of agency, brands and startups.



To take advantage of so many minds thinking about creating innovative projects which are in fact disruptive with a focus on new business and brand models, you need to change your mindset and have a new working methodology. Hackerspace3 uses IDEO’s Human-Centered Design (HCD) Method of conceiving ideas and combines it with Disciplined Entrepreneurship, an innovative project development process from MIT known for its efficiency in the success of hundreds of startups around the world.

Consisting of four main steps, it starts with the choosing of the ideal partner and then proceeds to the developing of the idea and ends with the product launch, while passing through research, studies, framework definitions and implementation along the way.


The world’s changing and it won’t stop. Big ideas combined with technology and innovative ways of working are transforming entire industries. Agência3 is an incubator for creative ideas that believes in this concept. And Hackerspace3 is the place where it believes that ideas can come from anyone, no matter what their title or department. We have professionals who have specific tools to inspire them and assist them at Hackerspace3 meetings. Through this the agency becomes stronger through its partnership with technological knowledge.


Famous brands are always seeking to reinvent themselves. Betting on Hackerspace3 is believing in an unconventional methodology. By getting closer to the creativity and the technology that agencies and startups offer, brands get closer to innovation.


At Hackerspace3, each one of the pillars contributes a specific kind of knowledge. Startups bring innovation and contribute to technology. Besides having professionals with these forms of knowledge, entrepreneurs can contribute with prototypes for the development of ideas. By entering into a partnership with Agência3, startups gain brand strategy, communications and business consulting to give further impetus to the success of their projects.



Hackerspace3 is made possible by Agência3’s connection with startups throughout Brazil. It’s a partnership that transforms great ideas into unforgettable solutions. Get to know a few of the companies that are part of this project.

The EloGroup is a consulting firm that transforms organizations, helping them obtain meaningful results as they maintain sustainability.

Provides a new way to listen to the city through innovative billboard guides.

Where incredible people combine their various abilities to make startups happen.

My Run is a social platform that helps races offer unique services to their participants.

Helps companies in their transition to the new exponential economy.

App that connects clients with beauty and well-being professionals.

The Training App Treinoapp helps personal trainers offer a new training experience to their athletes.

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